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We are passionate developers and designers, creators of exceptional web and mobile experiences.

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identity, design, UX


The Routine team trusted us with its product design & identity, as they were looking for a way to create a strongly minimalistic and memorable experience. Routine is backed by Y Combinator W21.

Web application

identity, UX, design, web development


From early 2019 to jan. 2021, we've helped this parisian startup daily on their design challenges, from branding to designing complete app experiences.


branding, fashion design, events

Californie Française

Initially developed as a side-project of the studio, the brand is gaining momentum thanks to the enrichment of its range of clothing and the organization of memorable events.

Web application

UX, design, illustration


What if work meetings were actually pleasant & efficient? We have provided our Product Design services to this french startup, from UX ideas, to hi-res prototype.

Mobile app

UX, design, mobile development


Winbin is a mobile app that rewards its users for recycling garbage properly. We helped the startup create its MVP, from UX design to API and Mobile Dev using Flutter.

Web application

UX, design, development


This web platform enables event organizers and open-to-the-public etablishment owners to adopt waste sorting best practices.

Web application

UX, design

Seasons observatory

This research program conducted by CNRS & Tela Botanica aims at sourcing observations upon Climate Change from simple citizens. We designed the new website with a focus on making it more pleasant to use for newcomers, using computers or mobile devices.


UX, design, development


Creation of the Clermont-Ferrand-based Foundation for International Development Studies and Research's website.


identity, illustration, design

Hey Axel

Incubated by Techstars Paris, this young startup offers to assist managers in their daily work, to facilitate their lives and those of their colleagues.

Web application

identity, UX, design, development

Bill Party

How to save time each month? By automating repetitive tasks, such as collecting invoices for your accounting! That's the goal of our tool, Bill Party, currently under development.

Video game

identity, design

Pro Gymnast

After discussing on Twitter, Walaber trusted us with some of the art direction of his last game, including branding, concept arts and character design research.

Web application

design, UX

A fresh design created with Adèle Leyris (illustrations, identity), for a web-app facilitating cooptation processes in schools.


UX, design, development

Taxation of mining industries

The Foundation for International Development Studies and Research provides researchers with the largest knowledge base on mining taxation in Africa.


UX, design, development

Eleuthera Diving

A diving center like no other in Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Mobile app

UX, design, development


A multiplatform app for reading very short formats, to be consumed as episodes following the rhythm of the story.

Mobile game

mobile development

Cache-Cache Ville

An exploration game accompanying the children's book illustrated by Agathe Demois and Vincent Godeau.


UX, design, development

Tela Botanica

The reference web platform on botanics, rich in enormous content and providing many essential tools for naturalists.


web development

Que Faire à Paris ?

Front-end development for the new version of the best website to hang out and find activities in Paris, in collaboration with Paris Numérique.


UX, design, identity


This Clermont-Ferrand-based startup with a pop visual identity lets you find and book original activities near you.


web development

Front-end development for the City of Paris' official website, in collaboration with Paris Numérique.

Educational game

UX, design, development


A nutrition-themed Tower Defense educational game! In Switzerland, elementary and middle-school students play Digestix as part of an online course developed by the Alimentarium Foundation.

Mobile app

UX, design, development

Volcans d'Auvergne

This free application on iOS and Android takes you on a discovery walk around the volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

Mobile app

UX, design, development


Coton is a cloud recognition guide available on Android and iOS tablets and mobiles, based on the International Cloud Atlas.

Mobile game

UX, design, development

Smart Aliens

Creation of an intergalactic hangman game on Android & iOS mobiles and tablets. The game is sadly no longer available, lost in a galaxy far away.

Mobile app

identity, UX, design

TV Time

We worked closely with TV Time on many UX and design topics throughout the years. Today it's the most popular TV show app worldwide.

Our services


From prototypes to interface design, through user testing, our methodology puts the user at the center of our concerns.

UX & Design

We translate your ideas into words, diagrams and images, before producing your web and mobile interfaces to make them beautiful, effective and enjoyable.

Web Development

With more than 15 years of experience in creating websites, we use the most appropriate technologies to create your bespoke project, following best practices.

Mobile Development

Whether it's your application idea or ours, the apps we develop work great on Android and iOS and are acclaimed by their users.

Our clients


Large companies, agencies, innovative startups, research labs and institutions entrusted us with the production of their super-projects.